Trash Talk

Trash Talk for May 21, 2015

Howdy Folks!  On Monday, May 25, Americans will be celebrating Memorial Day by visiting the gravesites of beloved family members and friends.  The custom of visiting graves to clean and decorate was observed by many families in rural America, usually in late summer to include a family get-together or reunion.  After the Civil War, the need to honor fallen heroes became apparent and many states set aside various dates for “Decoration Day”.  It wasn’t until 1971 when an Act of Congress established the last Monday in May as Memorial Day to be observed simultaneously throughout the states.  Because of the Monday date, many folks will be enjoying a 3-day weekend, but for many, it will be business as usual.  The Mason County Recycling Center will be closed so we won’t be emptying any trailers, but we will rotate the Augusta Depot Trailer to Foster and the Extension Office Trailer to Berlin.  Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer activities and we wish everyone an enjoyable day followed by the best summer ever!

With the warmer weather, we are experiencing more non-recyclable items thrown into the trailers.  On Wednesday, we removed (with extreme difficulty!) a T.V. antenna, with many arms, legs and poles along with a fluorescent light housing and plastic sheeting from the trailer parked in Berlin and three riding lawn mower tires from the Germantown Trailer.   Last Friday we removed a vehicle bumper, headlights, black plastic sheeting and several bags filled with plastic bags from the trailer located in Milford.  It is unfortunate that these bags are thrown into the trailers and not properly recycled.  The Recycling Center is not equipped to handle these bags and any plastic sheeting and bags must be sent to the landfill.  Lowe’s, Kroger’s, and Walmart in Maysville are the only places that these bags can be properly recycled.  All three companies are affiliates of the much bigger chains and each store provides a box for recycling clean plastic bags.  In addition to plastic bags, all Lowe’s stores accept CFL bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and cell phones.  If you have a new appliance delivered to your home, Lowe’s will remove and recycle the old appliance at no charge and the Garden Centers at all Lowe’s will accept plastic trays, pots and tags.  Again, these items are NOT acceptable in the Recycling Trailers, but must be taken to any Lowe’s in the Continental United States, and as stated plastic bags can also be dropped off at any Kroger’s or Walmart locations.

All the funds have been expended for roll-offs in the county for citizen usage, but the final receipt has not been received.  Please don’t depend on this service for your normal trash disposal, because this funding is not guaranteed.  For those of you who do not have Rumpke service, we urge you to contact them at 877-76-7537 to subscribe to their trash removal service.  This past Sunday evening a pleasant breeze was blowing from the south and we were enjoying the refreshing air coming in the windows when suddenly our nostrils were bombarded by the obnoxious smell of someone burning trash that had plastic in it!  Needless to say, everyone in the neighborhood had to endure these toxins!  Burning trash is illegal as well as unhealthy!  Young children, the elderly and those with chronic lung illnesses are especially vulnerable to the poisonous gases released from burning plastic.  Keeping the planet healthy for all plants, animals and humans is attainable with proper disposal of trash and by RECYCLING, REUSING and REDUCING to keep God’s earth clean, green and beautiful!  Be seein’ you – Bin & Bug.