Gifted and Talented Program

Grievance Procedure

An Augusta Independent District parent, guardian or student may address appropriate and adequate provision of talent pool or GT services.

1. A parent, guardian, or student may present in a written statement to the school principal or principal designee , his/her reason for concern regarding appropriate and adequate provision of multiple service options as stated in the law 704 KAR 3:285 -  Programs for the Gifted and Talented in the primary talent pool (PTP) or any formally identified gifted and talented area.
The statement should include the student name, parent/guardian name, school, grade level, and narrative of the specific concern(s).

2. The school principal and GT committee will review the student’s Gifted plan as well as the written statement.

3. The principal and GT committee will address the concerns of the grievant by completing the following steps.
a. Consult with the appropriate teachers providing service options and then conference with the grievant to resolve any concern(s) or call a conference of the principal or principal designee, parent/guardian and/or student, appropriate teachers, guidance counselor, and a gifted education teacher to resolve any concern(s).  Agreed revision(s) of the student’s gifted services will take place in a timely manner if the student’s differentiated service options are not aligned with his/her needs, interest and abilities and/or if the student’s continuous progress is impeded by course placement or acceleration options.
b. Provide a written statement and/or meeting with the principal and committee to  explain to the grievant regarding continued or revised service options after completing Step A.