Panther Virtual Learning Academy

Augusta Independent School District offers Panther Virtual Learning Academy, which is available for students in grades K-12.  Virtual students utilize SchoolsPLP, a fully accredited, innovative platform aligned to Kentucky’s Academic Standards for 100% remote learning.  Students follow a virtual curriculum and are assigned a virtual learning teacher who supports and assists students online. The virtual teacher will answer questions for students and parents, monitor progress, grade assignments that are not scored by the program, provide technical support and coordinate in-person tutoring, as needed. The level of expectation and accountability resemble that of a traditional classroom, but occurs online. Therefore, it is imperative students are self-motivated, self-disciplined and they have parental/guardian support to work together with the school to ensure a successful virtual learning experience.

AISD is pleased to offer Panther Virtual Learning Academy for students and families and have established EXPECTATIONS to ensure a successful virtual learning experience.  However, the district reserves the right to withdraw students from the virtual learning program to in-person learning if the student is not progressing and/or failing courses. 


For information regarding enrolling, visit our online Welcome Center for next steps.

Panther Virtual Learning Academy EXPECTATIONS

  • Students enrolled in the district’s virtual learning academy must be full-time and will be assigned a schedule aligned with the standard day of in-person students
  • Students must have appropriate digital access to participate in the virtual learning academy
  • Maintain 2.0 GPA with no failure(s) or meeting progress benchmarks for early elementary grade levels
  • Attendance will be taken twice daily at least three hours apart by a certified teacher
  •  All virtual truancy will be addressed according to existing state truancy laws and district attendance policies and procedures
  • Weekly contacts with the virtual learning teacher
  • Meet bi-weekly progress checks of course/class completion
  • If failing 1+ courses or not meeting progress benchmarks at the end of the 9-weeks, students will be required to return to in-person learning
  • Virtual students may return to in-person learning before the end of the 9-weeks, but will remain in the Panther Virtual Learning Academy until the new 9-weeks begins. Students will receive in-person academic support during that time
  • Virtual students are required to report to in-person school for special education services, iReady testing, state testing, etc.
  • Virtual students needing accelerated learning on grade-level or Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions and supports will use SchoolsPLP or report in-person, if needed
  • Virtual students must attend at least three semesters in-person to be eligible for Valedictorian/Salutatorian honors
  • In-person students may opt for virtual learning only once per semester